Published on January 16, 2008 By jdoom In Object Desktop

Hello to everyone!

I' have a couple of question:

first: by launching some meter widget or meter object, i am warned that it can't work while user Account Control is enabled. This is only for Vista, am I right? ( I have Xp )

Second: after installing the latest beta/pre releases of Object desktop programs, many widgets and DX gadgets do not work anymore and i get error messages from the executable. Do someone know anything about?




on Jan 16, 2008
That seems pretty heavy a question. Please contact us at so we can go into more detail. Please include that you use XP and what widgets you are using.
on Jan 16, 2008
[edited to delete. Spent too long typing, don't want to step on Seabass. Sorry    ]
on Jan 17, 2008
Thank you!
I' ll do it asap!
on Jan 18, 2008
Never worry about that DaveRI. There are with out question multiple users here that have been at this longer than I. I don't mind at all people coming up with good solutions. Heck that is how I fix stuff later, I learn half what I know just from reading posts here.